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Class XII

Co Scholastic Activities

Co Scholastic Activities

The role of our School is not to only pursue Academic Excellence but to empower the students with experiential learning and to provide the atmosphere for self-discovery by allowing them to be creative, observant and curious. Apart from keen focus on academics, various creative activities and skills are being taught here that enable the all round development of our students’ personalities. Students are given ample opportunities to showcase their talent during the celebrations of festivals and International Days. Special assemblies on such occasions create awareness as well as build up the self confidence in the students. Thematic presentations during the special assemblies and inter class competitions enhance their creative and aesthetic skills.

Social Clubs

The Social Clubs are unique as they provide a platform to exhibit and blossom the talents. School has five distinguished clubs. Every child is a member of any three club.

Sports Club:

Sports and games not only develop physical ability, fitness and vitality, but also help in channelizing students energy on the right path because a sound brain dwells in a sound body only. Sports Club has become a gateway to shape a young sportsperson. Professional guidance by our school coaches has polished the hidden sporty spirit of our students and under their able guidance numerous prizes and shields have been won by our students in various sports and games.

Literary Club:

This club aims on developing independent learning habits and to promote creative and critical thinking. Students learn to voice their feelings and ideas and even they understand the agony, sufferings, joys and emotions of others. It is carried away by taking help of Dramas, acts, role play performances and other activities like debates, extempore, elocution etc. Our students brought laurels to the school by winning inter-school activities for the same

Science Clubs:


This club to quenches the thirst of budding scientists. They explore, analyze and enjoy the secrets of science here. They participate in events like Science exhibitions, quizzes and Olympiads here and represent the our school also for the same.

Theatre Club:

Theatre club provides a wide creative landscape for students to paint their feelings and emotions. Here, budding stars enhance their acting skills. These tremendous actors present mesmerizing acts in our school's programmes and events. They have proved their talent by attaining certificates from various schools, where they have displayed their talent and received appreciation from everyone.

Eco club:

The objective of the Eco club is to sensitize an individual to face the environmental treats and to make the earth a better planet. The members of Eco undertake various activities which are good for our environment and ecology. They participate in social awareness programmes also, on behalf of our school.

Trips & Excursions

At BMSSS, Trips/Excursions, educational outings, expeditions, adventure tours, Educational tours and picnics are being organized regularly for students. They are also sent for the plays, concerts, movies and sport events in and around the school. Besides picnics and excursions at the places of historical interests, we provide a wide exposure to supplement what is being taught in the classroom. Camping, fishing, trekking and rafting expeditions are being organized regularly. Annually at least one major trip is organized for all the students to admire the natural beauty of the area. The importance of these adventurous activities cannot be undermined as they offer students an experience to face hardships and challenges of life and inculcate a spirit of adventure and love for wildlife and nature in them. Camps also provide a splendid opportunity for the teachers to get to know their students and to understand other facets of their personalities, which are difficult to observe in the classroom.

Events and Workshops


In school, various co-curricular activities take place throughout the year which enable the children to exhibit their innate talent and creativity, such as debates, elocution, gardening, activities based on art, music and dance etc.. Art, Music and Dance are integral part of our curriculum also. We have impressive school choir and orchestra which have given breathtaking performances during school functions. To create a healthy spirit of competition among the students time to time they are encouraged to participate in intra class, inter school and zonal level competitions. Love towards Learning is generated through our various clubs where children enjoy working in groups. Age appropriate Fun Activities are designed for the young minds to distress themselves. Trips and Adventure Camps are being organized by the school for raising the endurance level in the leaders of tomorrow. With NIE (News paper in education) and PACE (Partnerships for Action in Education) conducted by Times of India the students have cultivated the habit of reading newspaper and keep abreast with happenings of the world.

Workshops are held for both students and teachers to update their knowledge with new techniques according to changing trends. Students are serving the community in different ways and they enjoy taking up projects like tree plantation drive, Health & hygiene drive, Blood Donation Camp etc. Cultural heritage and traditions are introduced by celebrating various national and religious festivals. Rain Dance, Mango Party, Green Day, Art and Craft exhibitions are also the regular events in the school. Summer Camps and Hobby Classes are held every year during Summer vacation to help students to utilize their time in best creative manner.